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Watchrology hails from the sunny island of Singapore with the purpose of providing insightful and interesting content on all things watches and horology.


What started off as a simple watch purchase in my teenage years sparked my fanatical obsession with these tiny mechanical wonders. Since then, I have reinforced my passion by trying to absorb more information on the different watches and the rich histories of the plethora of brands out there. Particularly, I have an interest in the intertwining relationship between history and horology, and how the perspective and knowledge of one can inform you of the other. In line with this, I have written numerous articles for some established companies in the hopes of advancing horological culture, and I hope this website will serve the same purpose. 


I welcome you to Watchrology, and I hope you will enjoy your stay here as it gets updated with more exciting content as time goes by.

- Alvin Chong

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