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  • Alvin Chong

Getting to Know: H. Vu


An interview with H. Vu (@13byvu), and how his everyday carry reflects his sense of design and style.



Vu and I have been acquainted on Instagram for a few years now, and I am always fascinated by his aesthetic sense and his unwavering passion for Cartier products and the Maison’s archives. With a keen eye on design and style, Vu believes that the marriage between design and functionality makes for the most refined kind of products. To delve deeper into his aesthetic penchant, I have interviewed Vu on his favourite everyday products as I am of the view that a person’s everyday carry (EDC) is a strong reflection of their sense of style and tastes. I hope you guys will enjoy this interview as much as I did conducting the interview, as it really made me learn more about him on a personal level.

Vu’s EDC.


Q: What would you say is the overarching theme behind your EDC, or more generally the things that you collect or purchase?

I’m a big design and technical guy. Almost everything I own has to look aesthetically pleasing and be functional before anything else. Eliminating the unnecessary and focusing on collecting good-looking things, without compromising on their usefulness, is the ultimate goal for me.

Q: How long have you owned the Leica Q2 camera, and what is your experience like with it? Has it shaped how you approach photography?

I’ve owned the camera for only about a year. A friend of mine, who is a professional photographer, convinced me to get it when we were out travelling together. What I love about this camera is that the image quality is so sharp and it also allows me to crop as much as I desire. Even for a beginner who is new to photography like me, and was never really known as a ‘camera guy’, the controls are incredibly straightforward and easy to use. Nowadays, I’m rarely seen without it around my neck.

Leica Q2 Camera.

Q: Money clips are not a common sight today. Could you share why you choose to use a money clip and what do you find particularly appealing about this one?

I love a good money clip. It’s such an elegant accessory to carry around instead of a bulkier wallet. Although I possess a few cardholders, one has to use cash every now and then from where I live. The money clip that I use daily is made in solid 14 karat gold by Cartier New York. The look and feel of it is just so beautiful and does not appear obvious or bulky at all when I wear a tightly fitted pair of pants.

Vintage Cartier NYC money clip.

Q: As a fan of design, it is no surprise that you wear a Tank. After all, the Tank Louis Cartier is one of the most well-designed objects that one can think of. What about this one attracts you more so than other variations of the Tank Louis?

This variation of the Tank Louis was only one of 136 Tanks produced by Cartier worldwide in 1961. What particularly attracted me to it is its octagonal crown which is not something you see on every vintage Cartier watches. I was never into huge watches and always gravitated towards pieces that are more classically sized. A while ago, I was offered this and just couldn’t say no. Perhaps, this is the most special watch that I own.

1961 French Tank Louis Cartier.

Q: The Juste un Clou, like the Tank Louis Cartier, is one of the pillars of Cartier designs. What is your connection with the object?

As a huge admirer of Aldo Cipullo’s works, I find the Juste un Clou, among several others of his creations, to be one of the greatest pieces of art ever. The idea of turning everyday items into beautiful jewellery is, to me, just so cool, powerful and compelling. This white gold ring was given to me by a very special person in my life and has been with me for years ever since.

White gold Cartier Juste un Clou ring.

Q: The power of a great scent definitely cannot be underestimated. Could you share more about why you chose the Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot over other colognes? Does any of its notes stand out more for you?

This scent is so versatile to wear. I fell in love with it around 3 years ago when I went out with an old friend and he was wearing it. I’m into fresher fragrances and this one is just perfect. Featuring prominent woody and citrusy notes, it feels just like Italy in a bottle!

Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot.

Q: And you also included an article of clothing?

Indeed. This is by far the best pair of jeans I’ve ever worn. The colour, cut and wash is so versatile and it matches with all of my outfits. It was made by my friend Mark who launched his personal brand, SEEKINGS, just last year. Though it’s a bit pricey, you do pay for its commendable quality.

A pair of jeans from SEEKINGS.

A big thanks once again to Vu for spending his time for this short interview. All images are kindly provided by the man himself.



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